The CEREC Advantage

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As technology has influenced modern dentistry, we have become accustomed to procedures that have become easier, less painful or time-consuming, and more effective. Now, our dental implants last longer than our natural teeth. Our crowns very seldom come loose. And your cosmetic dentist in Castle Hill at Hills Dental Care can get all of this done more quickly, with fewer visits.

Prime among these time-saving innovations has been CEREC, the Chairside Economical Restoration of Aesthetic Ceramics. This innovation, first brought to the fore in the 90s, has been providing a strikingly new and effective method of streamlining the process of creating and installing dental prosthetics.

In years prior, teeth in need of a crown were obliged to take part in a two-part process. The stricken tooth needed an impression mould to be taken, after which the mould was sent to a laboratory, for a matching prosthetic to be created. The patient would be sent home while this occurred, with a temporary patch over their tooth, which was removed in favour of the new implant once the new piece was ready.

All of this changed with the advent of CEREC. Suddenly, rather than a two-visit process, a convenient device, using computer imaging, CAD/CAM imaging, and a 3D printer, was able to mould and create the new crown, implant, or veneer right there in the office. The patient could be turned around, with a brand new implant created from a block of toughened ceramic, in as little as one hour.

A striking innovation, CEREC has lowered the wait time in your dental office markedly, while the accuracy and suitability of dental implants and prosthetics has only increased. At Hills Dental Care, we provide a cosmetic dentist service for Castle Hill that focuses on accuracy, longevity, and good practice, and CEREC allows us to reach this lofty goal. If you-‘re keen to have a look at this remarkable technology, give us a heads up when you visit.

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