Invisalign is among the newest and most exciting tools for those looking for corrective braces.

Adolescence can be a difficult time for a number of reasons, but having your teeth corrected with steel braces does little to make it easier. For years, dental experts have looked for a less visible method of correcting one’s smile. Now, they have it.

Invisalign is among the newest and most exciting tools for those looking for corrective braces. Orthodontists have brought the world’s first invisible brace to the forefront. They are the perfect brace for those looking for dental correction without it ever being noticed! The treatment is among the most comfortable corrective dental procedures, utilising a series of nigh-invisible aligners, which slowly adjust your teeth to the prescribed placement.

No more steel look

This brace divorces you from the necessity of those steel-gray anchored braces clinging to your teeth, yet serves to correct your smile as effectively as they do. You get to work towards a brand new smile, without the unsightly steel-laden accessory.

Best of all, the aligners on Invisalign braces are removable. Have a big event coming up, off playing sports, or are you simply flossing? You can simply remove the aligners and go about your day, replacing them when you can.

Comfort and pain-free

All this, and you can rest easy knowing that we place great emphasis on your comfort and ease. At Hills Dental Care, we place the highest level of priority on providing a relaxing and pain-free dental experience. It is this devotion to care that keeps our clients coming back, year after year.

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