For many children, a trip to the dentist can be an intimidating, frightening ordeal that stays with them long after they have left the clinic. At Hills Dental Care we are dedicated to providing pain free dentistry to adults and children alike and enjoy nothing more than seeing beaming smiles on the faces of our younger clients.

The physical development of children is vital for good health outcomes in adulthood and our teeth are no exception. The mouths of children undergo great change during their formative years and it’s vital that you engage qualified experts who have experience working with children. A good childrens dentist in Castle Hill, or elsewhere, will ensure your child’s teeth are growing as they should be, correct any issues and provide gentle treatment and easy to understand advice.

It is also extremely important that children associate the dentist with a gentle, pain free experience, so that they do not development a life-long aversion to dental care. Children who fear the dentist will generally carry these concerns into adulthood and may be reluctant to visit a clinic when they need to. Preventative treatment is one of the keys to good dental health, so it is vital, as your children become adults, that they are comfortable enough to visit a dentist for regular check-ups.

Castle Hill is renowned for it’s cultural diversity and family friendly environment. We are proud to contribute to this community with our comprehensive range of services and have built a reputation as the leading children’s dentist in Castle Hill and the surrounding area. With a range of pain free techniques that minimise discomfort and maximise the efficiency of our treatment options, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are receiving the best dentistry available. Contact us today to find how you can get your child off to a happy, healthy start when it comes to oral hygiene and dental care.

Castle Hill, NSW 2154, is located 30km north west of the Sydney CBD. The district is serviced by many schools, including Castle Hill Public School, Oakhill College, Castle Hill High School and Gilroy Catholic College. Baulkham Hills, West Pennant Hills, Glenhaven and Kellyville are all areas bordering Castle Hill.