Take years off your age and restore confidence in your smile!

Have your pearly whites lost their lustre? Regular consumption of coffee, tea, cola and red wine can contribute to discolouration of your teeth. So too can tobacco, ageing, medication, poor oral hygiene and your genetic make-up. These stains and discolouration can age your smile, but fortunately there is a quick and easy way to reclaim naturally white teeth.

In as little as 90 minutes, we can restore confidence in your smile using the safe and effective Smartbleach 3LT Green light laser teeth whitening system.

How Smartbleach 3LT works

Smartbleach teeth whitening uses a unique and patented process that combines pure green light and a specially formulated red gel to create a photodynamic teeth whitening treatment that is highly effective yet gentle on the tooth enamel.

Enjoy the opportunity to sit back and relax with some music or a movie of your choice, while your dental professional performs your teeth whitening procedure. At the end of your session, you’ll receive a personal set of ‘Before & After’ photos and – most importantly – a brilliant smile!

Safe results that last for years

Only Smartbleach can use the unique combination of pure green laser-like light and a scientifically engineered alkaline gel. The alkaline gel does not etch tooth enamel like traditional acid-based bleaching gels and the laser light avoids heating of the tooth-pulp like heat-lamp based systems meaning less sensitivity post-treatment. Assuming you look after your teeth, experience has shown that the benefits of Smartbleach can last for years.