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Teeth Whitening Castle Hill | A Whitening Solution for Sensitive Teeth

There’s nothing like a pearly white smile! But unfortunately, pearly whites are hard to maintain. The ageing process doesn’t act alone. Things like coffee, tea and red wine take their toll on our teeth over time too, with the onset of discolouration.

Teeth whitening procedures are a common practice today. No two whitening systems are the same. But one thing most of them have in common, is the unfortunate downside of tooth sensitivity.

At Hills Dental Care, you’re in luck. We make use of Smartbleach® 3LT. One of the most advanced teeth whitening products and processes currently available. And guess what? Tooth sensitivity is sometimes not present at all!

In this article you’ll find out how it creates less tooth sensitivity. But first, here is an introduction to tooth whitening.

What Happens During Teeth Whitening?

It involves using bleaching chemicals to lighten the appearance of stains on your teeth. The chemical agents used in whitening procedures are carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide.

These bleaching agents penetrate our tooth enamel and a chemical reaction takes place. This reaction breaks down the compounds that created the discolouration. The chemicals used by dentists are often the same – but, the ‘chemical reaction’ can be set off in various ways.

And that’s where sensitivity comes in to play.

Smartbleach 3LT For Sensitive Teeth

After 14 years of extensive research and development, Smartbleach® 3LT was born. One of the most advanced methods of smile whitening currently available.

It is it one of the most pain-free professional versions around. There are less sensitivity side effects and it provides the most long-lasting results.

Why does Smartbleach® 3LT result in less tooth sensitivity during and after treatment? Because it induces a photo-chemical reaction as opposed to a photo-thermal reaction.

It uses green light (matched to the sunlight spectrum) in conjunction with a red whitening gel. Red and green are complementary colours. So, the photo-chemical reaction between them results in a non-acidic tooth whitening process. A process that neither requires nor creates heat. As a result, there is no dehydration or demineralisation of the enamel on your teeth.

Common Questions About Smartbleach® 3LT

At Hills Dental Care we get asked a lot of questions about this method. Below are some of the ones we get asked most:

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

Generally, you need one treatment to generate great whitening results with Smartbleach® 3LT. Treatment time is 60 to 90 minutes. This depends on the shade of your teeth before commencing the whitening process.

It is rare that you would need more than one treatment to produce the desired effects. This would be in the case of unique stains, like from excessive antibiotic use in childhood.

Will I Need to Use ‘Take-Home’ Maintenance Kits?

Compared to the results of other whitening processes, this technique is superior.

With other teeth whitening processes, take-home maintenance kits are often provided. These need self-application and are to sustain the results of the professional treatment.

Using Smartbleach® eliminates the need for these ‘top-ups’. This reduces a lot of risk like getting the gel on your gums/ingesting the gel. Besides reduced risk, you’ll also enjoy reduced costs with less ongoing maintenance.

How Long Do the Results Last For?

This system produces a natural yet deeper whitening outcome. The results can last for years (between 3 and 5 years). Maintaining good dental hygiene will prolong the whitening effects.
Excessive exposure to various substances can have ill effect on your whitening results. For example – coffee, red wine and cigarette smoke.

Does it Work on False Teeth & Veneers?

It only whitens natural tooth. Veneers, false teeth and fillings will not change colour during the process.

How Safe is Smartbleach® 3LT?

Very! A lot of time and research went into the developing of the treatment. Studies show that this whitening process does no damage to your teeth.

Most of it comes down to the green light paired with red whitening gel. It provides significant protection for your teeth during treatment. This is because the temperature of your tooth pulp remains unchanged.

Things to Consider Before Teeth Whitening

There are a few things to consider before professional teeth whitening (of any kind). A pre-whitening check-up is important. It will assess if the procedure is suitable for you, and ensure you get the best possible results.

Your dentist will check some of the following things:

  • The cause of the discolouration of your teeth
  • If the discolouration is on the surface or internal
  • The thickness of your enamel
  • Tooth decay
  • Veneers, fillings, crowns
  • Existing oral conditions/diseases
  • Level of tooth sensitivity

Your dentist will be able to go over all this with you in a consultation.

Final Words

They say beauty is pain. But, not always! As you can see, there is a solution to professional teeth whitening for sensitive teeth. The Smartbleach® 3LT system is an option for teeth whitening with less sensitivity. It also has proven longer lasting results.

And you can leave the dentist with your rejuvenated, sparkling smile in less than 1.5 hours!

Now you know all about the safe and pain-free whitening process! It’s time to contact your Dentist in Castle Hill, Hills Dental Care. Make an appointment to get the gorgeous, white smile you deserve!

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