Your smile is not the only thing that people will notice about you. But it is often the first thing. A smile which lights up the room, which makes people turn their heads towards you, is what we create at Hills Dental Care. We are Sydney’s experts in cosmetic dental care.

In the market to get your teeth whitened? We utilise our remarkable Britesmile system to ensure your teeth are beautiful and white, and remain so, with a total treatment time of only one hour. You are then set to smile brightly, all year long.

Our restorative procedures include:

  • Same Day Smile Transformation
  • Same Day Porcelain Crowns/Veneers
  • Implants
  • Long-term Porcelain Fillings
  • Specialist Surgeries
  • Root Canal Treatments

All of our procedures can be performed through our Pain-free Dentistry treatment, whereby your procedure is performed while you are sleeping. We keep an expert anesthesiologist with us to ensure the safety of this process, and you are taken care of without having felt a thing.

At Hills Dental Care, we take care of our clients the same way we would hope to be treated. We are your best choice for cosmetic dental care in Sydney.

Sydney is Australia’s largest urban center and the capital of New South Wales. Sitting on the east coast of the state, and straddling the large expanse of Sydney Harbour, the city is known for its surf culture, the shady pathways of the Royal Botanical Gardens, and the distinctive roofs of the Sydney Opera House.