• Posterior Implants – John’s Story

    John had lost all his chewing teeth on the lower right side of his jaw and was finding it frustrating to eat only on the left side of his mouth. While overseas he’d asked a clinic about the option of implants, but had been told he had insufficient bone and would need major bone grafting.

    Understandably, knowing there would be no back-up if there was a problem and being unsure about the skills of the local surgeons, John did not go ahead with the procedure.

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  • Upper Anterior Implants – Lynn’s Story

    Lynn was referred by her dentist in Parramatta, Dr Lee, to find out if she could benefit from implants; she had a gap created by four upper front teeth that had been extracted many years ago. Lynn was wearing a metal denture (plate) to replace these teeth, but found it was uncomfortable and moved when she chewed. In the lead up to Christmas, she really needed a secure solution she didn’t have to take out at night.

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