Red Wine and Teeth Whitening in Castle Hill

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Australians love a good tipple, and red wine is high on that list. It is also a good choice from a health perspective: its antioxidants are good for our hearts, they can help to control cholesterol levels, and they keep our brains young. Not bad for the simple juice of the grape, although it does necessitate the odd teeth whitening treatment in Castle Hill for the habitual drinker.

The health benefits of this drink were already strongly established, but now, they appear to have added to that list. Recent research, utilising a highly concentrated form of the caffeic and p-coumaric antioxidants in red wine, indicated their usefulness in the fight against oral bacteria.

Oral bacteria is one of the leading causes of cavities, bad breath, and gum disease. While it is present in everyone’s mouth, the fight against dental decay often centres on fighting this bacteria – and these two substances appear to be an excellent method of doing so.

However, researchers were quick to point out the folly of imbibing red wine as a form of dental care. The forms of the acids used in the study were highly concentrated, far beyond what we would expect to find in a bottle and pair with dinner. Moreover, the health impacts of excessive drinking – not to mention, a relatively sugary and acidic product as red wine – will do little good to your teeth over time.

However, this new discovery could potentially offer us a new weapon for when you are sitting in the dentist’s chair at Hills Dental Care, sometime in the not-so-distant future.

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