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Don’t let your fear of the dental chair prevent you from having a beautiful smile. Modern dentistry practices ensure your dental care is carried out in a soothing environment, free from pain and discomfort.

Relax knowing that Dr James Kim and his highly competent team use well-established gentle dental care methods to make your dental visit something to smile about. This includes sedation (or sleep) dentistry to minimize and control pain or anxiety in patients who may be highly sensitive or nervous.

It’s all part of the exceptional service offered by the caring and knowledgeable team at Hills Dental Care. Book an appointment with Hills Dental Care today and let the gentle dental care experience put a smile back on your face.

We are an accredited practice

You’re in expert hands at Hills Dental Care. We’re accredited to the National Safety and Quality Health services Standards with documented exclusions, as part of the Quality Innovation Performance Introductory Dental Accreditation Scheme.

We always maintain highest levels of sterility and hygiene measures according to the guidelines set by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

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See what our patients say

Benjamin Quentin

The most pain-free hassle free visit to the dentist I have ever had.

Dr Kim and his unbelievable staff made my nervous and usual stressful thoughts about visiting the dentist an absolute breeze. Dr Kim is very professional and very amazing at what he does.

All the issues that I had before visiting here are now taken care off and it is always a pleasure coming back for regular check ups.

All those theories about hating going to the dentist have been washed away after being treated here. Dr Kim will always be my dentist from now on.

Thank you, Dr Kim

Benji Marshall, professional rugby footballer

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Awards and Complimentary Services


Australian Society of Implant Dentists Accreditation

March 31, 2015


University of Sydney James Kim Diploma

March 31, 2015


University of Sydney James Kim Bachelor Diploma

March 31, 2015


Quality Innovative Performance Accreditation

March 31, 2015