Nap time at Hills Dental Care | Sleep Dentistry for Sydney

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Sleep dentistry, also known as twilight dentistry and conscious sedation, is a specialised form of dental anaesthesia. It involves the usage of an anaesthetic that puts you in to a numb, dream-like state, as opposed to forms of local anaesthesia, such as freezing. Typically utilised moreso for lengthier, more complex processes and surgeries, the process has been brought to the fore for patients of ours who are particularly uncomfortable.

Issues by a qualified anaesthesiologist, who is present throughout the procedure, sleep dentistry allows you to snooze right through your time in the dentist’s chair. However, there are added benefits to nap time at Hills Dental Care.

Ease of access for the Surgeon

Because our patients under conscious sedation are more relaxed, they are more easily accessed. Mouths won’t become sore, and the procedure becomes somewhat easier for the dental surgeon. This means your procedure can be done comparatively quickly, and with more assurance of accuracy. Your state also makes you more amenable to the sounds of the surgery, which some may find unpleasant.

Longer procedure, fewer appointments

As an extension to the prior point, you are able to complete your procedure in a considerably shorter time frame. This is due, again, to the relaxation of a patient under sedation. Jaw muscles and fatigue are less of an issue, so a procedure can be completed in fewer visits to the dentist. This detail also has the potential to save you money.

When sleep dentistry is being used, you will require a responsible friend or family member to pick you up afterwards, as the lingering effects of the sedation will leave you slightly groggy and unable to drive. However, the benefits can make it worth your while. Ask your experts at Hills Dental Care for more information!

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