Your Cosmetic Dentist in Castle Hill and Diabetes

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Diabetes has become somewhat of a headline-grabbing ailment in Australia today. This is primarily due to its reach: today, nearly one in ten Australians must contend with it. Between knock-on impacts, such as the necessary caregivers, medication, and lost productivity, it is responsible for a considerable loss to our economy.

But the impacts of diabetes reach even further. Recent research has linked this ailment with a variety of dental problems, particularly those that impact your gums. There is considerable interplay between your oral health and diabetes, and if you are concerned about managing your diabetes, it is even more important to stay on top of your oral health.

Periodontitis and Diabetes

Periodontitis is a disease of the gums, whereby they become swollen and red, and is caused by bacterial infections. It is widespread, and occurs in response to diet, substance abuse, and genetic factors. But like most ailments, the occurrence of periodontitis cannot be chalked up to a single ailment – it is typically due to a number of them. As well, its severity is worsened through prevailing medical conditions, and in response to vitamin deficiency.

Those coping with diabetes are at an added risk for periodontitis. The gums of an individual suffering from diabetes tend to swell more aggressively when irritated by microbial bacteria, a reaction that interferes with their ability to heal themselves.

The Sunshine

This blog has previously discussed the importance of vitamin D for your oral health. Recent research has thrown an added curve ball in to this mix, however. A study has recently linked periodontitis and vitamin D deficiency with the development of diabetes. It is thought that gums, suffering from periodontitis, are more porous, and allow more foreign material direct access to your blood. This has been shown to create a positive relationship with heart disease, as well. In any event, this link underlines the importance of staying on top of your gum health, and at Hills Dental Care, we can help you to do exactly that.

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