Your Castle Hill Dentist on Flossing

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The value of good oral hygiene is not something that is immediately evident. Like so many things we do for our health, flossing is a long-term investment, something that can save you some considerable grief down the road. Despite this, many people don’t bother to floss their teeth. It is a step too far for many, although with some practice you can be done within a few moments.

As your Castle Hill dentist, we posit that flossing is vital, as due to the shape and nature of our teeth, there are quite a few areas that we simply cannot reach with our toothbrushes. This includes areas under the gumline, which require a dentist’s careful hands and specialised tools, and the areas between your teeth.

Spots between your teeth can easily become a breeding ground for tartar, plaque and calculus, which over time can create cavities and encourage gum disease. Contrary to popular belief, the real function of flossing isn’t to remove these substances in their entirety – we floss moreso to disturb these pockets of bacteria, to keep them from becoming established well enough to create real problems.

By doing so, you can keep these gaps between your teeth safe. As an added bonus, Hills Dental Care recommends that you floss after brushing your teeth, but prior to spitting – as the toothpaste then coats the floss, and offers you a better, more rigorous cleaning between your teeth.

While flossing isn’t likely to be the most exciting part of your day, like so many other aspects of maintaining your body, it is an important one. For more information, and for quality and reliable dental care, Hills Dental Care can take care of you. Contact your Castle Hill dentist today to find out more, and set up your appointment.

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