Your Castle Hill Dentist on Energy and Exercise Drinks

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The impact of our diet has a profound impact upon our teeth. Diets that are high in sugar are making themselves obvious at this Castle Hill dentist, through both a decline in dental health, and poorer overall health, among both the young and no-so-young.

Impacts upon our diet come from a number of different angles, but one of the biggest recent trends is a newfound taste for energy and exercise drinks. In the hot climate here, we aren’t always keen for a hot coffee to keep us moving throughout the day, and the broad selection of cooler energy drinks and Gatorade or Powerade beverages have become typical of our diet.

However, their sugar content offers us some worry. In order to mask the sharper tastes of the beverage, they can contain easily as much sugar as your typical can of Coke or Sprite, while receiving considerably less press. They are also often consumed in the morning, meaning the sugars in them have an entire day to deal blows to your teeth prior to being brushed off in the evening.

Sugar-free versions of energy and exercise drinks are available, but have not caught on in a lot of areas, as the taste is somewhat tart without them. The best answer is simple vigilance, or, as has become popular in numerous areas, changing your taste to chilled coffee drinks. Iced black coffee, especially if it is brewed cold, can act as your energy pick-me-up. Meanwhile, for exercise purposes, coconut is an excellent replacement, rich in natural electrolytes, and considerably easier on your chompers.

And of course, retaining good dental health habits, and having your teeth cleaned every six months at your Castle Hill dentist at Hills Dental Care can ward off the need for dental implants in Sydney. To book your appointment, contact us today.

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