Your Castle Hill Dentist and Sugar

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Like almost any other area of health, research has put to bed a lot of misconceptions over the years. In regards to your dental health, ongoing research in to the interaction of your gums and your overall health continues to shed new light on the importance of our overall dental health, for example. But in some cases, interpretations can create some misconceptions.

One of the best examples of this is related to the impact that sugars and acids have on our teeth. The common line is that drinking a lot of sugary soda or pop will cause our teeth to rot, and that is mostly true. Acidic and sugary sodas and pops will cause our teeth to degrade, as the enamel is slowly eaten away. However, a bit of interpretation is needed here. As your Castle Hill cosmetic dentist, Hills Dental obliges.

What matters more than sheer volume of sugary sodas is the pace at which you drink it. If you slug back an entire two-litre bottle of soda in one massive sip, you are only exposing your teeth to these nasty elements for a moment of time. It is the time of the exposure that counts most – so if you drank only a can, but dragged it out for a solid two hours, you have repeatedly exposed your teeth to the same sugars and acids. This is far more harmful than our epic friend with the chugging ability.

In regards to your oral health, the size of your occasional transgression is less vital than the pace at which you ingest it (of course, your overall health is worth staying on top of, as well). Bear this is mind as you reach for that cookie jar.

As your Castle Hill cosmetic dentist, Hills Dental Care can help you with a huge range of dental ailments. Contact us today and find out more.

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