Your Castle Hill Cosmetic Dentist and Electric Toothbrushes

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Here in the Hill District, your cosmetic dentist here at Hills Dental Care likes to stay abreast of the trends dominating our industry. Much like almost every other aspect of personal care, dentistry is being strongly influenced by the rise of technology. Our surgery here is almost unrecognisable compared to only twenty years ago, and it is combining to make dentistry faster, more efficient, and more effective.

But it is not only in the dentist’s office that you notice this trend, and the electric toothbrush is perhaps the best example of how some innovations have begun to be found within our bathrooms at home. Hundreds of examples are on the market today, but the question remains – are they worth their price tag over your trusty toothbrush?

A Cleaner Clean

According to the research, you actually do get cleaner teeth from a quality, oscillating-head electric toothbrush.

Because these brushes are simply held in place, you are able to be somewhat more thorough, covering each tooth individually. Many come with built-in timers, alerting you with a pulse, that you have been brushing for an adequate amount of time. Plus, the head itself tends to dislodge more plaque than the back-and-forth motion of the standard toothbrush. Up to 20% more, in fact, over the course of three months.

Help out your Gums

If you suffer from gum ailments, or receding gums, an electric toothbrush could help you out. Electric toothbrushes tend to reduce the tendency to scrape the brush along your gumline, an act which can contribute to gum recession. As well, the fact that they remove more plaque means that there is less of it left to irritate your gums.

Less effort

If you are struggling with mobility, you might find that an electric brush makes your brushing sessions considerably easier. Rather than actively brushing, an oscillating-head brush only obliges you to hold the brush over your tooth. This can make them a better fit for those of you suffering with an injury, arthritis, or mobility issues.

Less waste

Electric brushes tend to only require you to replace the small bristled head, rather than the entire brush and handle. This can reduce your waste production, albeit only by a small amount.

As your cosmetic dentist for the Hill District and Castle Hill, we reckon they could be worth the money. And if you are in need of premium dental care, we can help you with that too! Contact us today and book your appointment.

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