X-Ray Evolutions

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X-Ray Evolutions | Cosmetic Dentist Sydney

If you’ve spent any time in a dentists office, you’ll be familiar with the tubular shape of the x-ray machine. A common tool of any cosmetic dentist, in Sydney and worldwide, this device has been used for over a century to produce an image of the skeletal and dental structure of a patient’s jaw and teeth. Even after all of our advancements, it is still among the best methods of discovering weaknesses and deficiencies in an individuals’ dental health.

However, its drawback has typically been its one-dimensional imagery. Forming a holistic image for a patient can be difficult, as there are many angles to cover, and repeated exposure to x-rays can make some patients somewhat nervous (although the radiation levels are low). However, recent advancements using this same technology have meant that a considerably more comprehensive map is now possible. The newly-developed wide-view provided by an Orthopantomogram, or OPG, has given dentists a new tool in their battle to promote good dental health.

Rather than displaying one narrow view, an OPG is able to provide a lateral map incorporating all of the upper and lower teeth on a given jawbone. It further displays a strong image of the jawline, jawbone and Temporomandibular Joint. Given the importance of these structures to the community of cosmetic dentists, here in Sydney and elsewhere, the importance of this innovation to the trade cannot be underestimated.

The image is typically created by utilising a moving arm, containing the x-ray source, while opposing film is held by another arm. The two are coordinated as they move and intersect the jawline and dental structure of the patient. A relatively new innovation, they are not particularly common in Australian dental surgeries. However, at Sydney’s top cosmetic dental practices, we like to stay ahead of the trend. Contact us for a chat on your dental health and see for yourself!

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