The Perils of Prosecco

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At Hills Dental Care, we take care of the smiles of Sydneysiders. We try to stay in touch with the current trends affecting our patients in this fair city, to offer you the most relevant, up-to-date care in town.

To wit, we have noticed the increasing popularity of prosecco. This drink, cool and refreshing in the heat of summer, has become the tipple of choice for a huge number of locals. To be fair, a cold bottle on a hot day is a real treat. Unfortunately, it does a real number on one’s teeth.

The sugary nature of prosecco is one reason why. A flute of the stuff provides around a tea spoon of it, which can add up over the course of a session. This becomes noticeable as a white line along your gumline. But sugar is only half of the equation here. It is the acidic nature of the drink, teaming up with the sugar, that can create real problems with many an enthusiastic prosecco drinker.

You might notice that your teeth ache somewhat on the day after drinking a few bottles. Over time, cavities and receding gums have been noted as well. This underlines the importance of a good dental hygiene habit, to remove the buildup of acid and sugar before ending the night.

Luckily, the severity of the damage is directly correlated with your intake. Drinking a few glasses won’t hurt your teeth overly badly. Drinking prosecco habitually, or exclusively, puts you in the danger zone. As the weather warms up outside our Hills Dental Care offices and leads us in to summer, it pays to remain aware of our dietary tastes and their impacts on our teeth.

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