The Importance of Dental Scraping

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The Importance of Dental ScrapingAs your Castle Hill dentist, we know that dental health must sometimes reach beyond either your toothbrush or dental floss. There are some elements of a healthy mouth that do require specialised care, and your gums are one of them. Gums, or gingiva, occasionally require some help from dentists in the manner of dental scaling, or root planing.

In this procedure, your Castle Hill dentist reaches beneath your gumline with specialised tooths, dental scrapers or curettes, to remove plaque and other bacterial agents on your teeth that can contribute to tooth decay and cause inflammation of the gums. Out of the reach of your toothbrush, sealed up underneath you gums, nearly everyone’s gingiva contains elements that could potentially, over time, harm your teeth, or lead to gum diseases, such as gingivitis.

If you find that your gums are sensitive, puffy red, or bleed easily, you could be in need of scraping. Dental scaling is a key method of reducing the odds that these substances will impact upon your dental health over time, as the removal of these agents, before they cause any attachment damage to the root of your tooth, can reverse many negative effects that have occurred so far.

We recommend a dental scrape every six to twelve months. Along with proper treatment and maintenance of your teeth, this practice can help you prolong the life of your natural teeth, ensure no attachment loss below the gumline, and keeps your gums healthy and happy.

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