The Impacts of Stress

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There are innumerable aspects of modern life that have health consequences. From our diets, to the air we breathe, we are slowly learning more and more about the health challenges of today. And stress is among the most notable of recent discoveries.

Dubbed by the WHO as the ‘health crisis of the 21st century’, stress is something faced by millions of Australians. We balance busy schedule with families, the stresses of a work, and seldom take time to refresh or unwind. This has all been facilitated by the advent of smartphones, and instant connectivity.

While many of may have heard about the impacts of stress on our weight or our cardiovascular system, far fewer realise that our oral health is similarly affected by elevated stress levels. As your cosmetic dentist for Castle Hill, we believe that this needs to change, as stress can have a notable impact upon your teeth and gums.

For one thing, those of us experiencing a stressful time in our lives will tend to neglect other areas of our lifestyle with health ramifications on our teeth. We may smoke or drink more often. Our diet may not be as disciplined, and we may neglect our teeth brushing routine.

However, there are more direct links. When a person is stressed, their body produces more of the hormone cortisol, which suppresses inflammation. But it also suppresses your immune system, which can lead to gum diseases more readily. One of the most common is ANUG, Acute Necrotising Ulcerative Necrosis, an ailment where areas of your gums actually die off. It is painful and can lead to both bad breath and receding gum problems.

In short, as your cosmetic dentist in Castle Hill, Hills Dental Care believes that it is important to ensure that your stress levels are controllable. Make sure to exercise regularly, and some deep breathing exercises can be an excellent addition to your health routine.

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