The Cancer Risk

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Dentists have long noted a strong correlation between overall health and oral health. Those of us prone to taking good care of our teeth are just as likely to take good care of our body, by visiting both the gym, the vegetable aisle, and your cosmetic dentist in Castle Hill at Hills Dental Care. This correlation has largely been viewed as one that is linked through habit only.

A recent American study, as published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, examined data from nearly 7500 dental examinations, across four states. This data demonstrated that the link between dental health and cancer is considerably stronger than we have previously realised, with patients exhibiting poor dental and periodontal health seen to exhibit a 24% greater chance of developing cancer. When it came to patients with no teeth, the figure jumped to 28%. Lung and colon cancers were the most likely to develop, along with pancreatic cancer, in men.

These figures suggest a link that is stronger than a mere link to lifestyle, especially given that it controlled for unhealthy habits, such as cigarette smoking. With this said, the reasons for this link are open to speculation.

Some experts believe that unhealthy, swollen gums occupy an undue amount of the body’s natural defence mechanism, concentrating white blood cells there, and leaving the remainder of the body relatively defenceless. Others believe that porous gums allow for greater ingress from free radicals, or that the diet favoured by patients with no teeth is less healthy overall. More research will develop this link, but it underlines the importance of properly caring for your one and only set of teeth.

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