The Agricultural Revolution and Teeth

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Much of what now comprises human society is the direct result of the agricultural revolution. Springing from the valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, in what is now Iraq, this period began around 12000 years ago, and saw us profoundly change the manner in which we live.

Prior to this period, the vast majority of people were so-called hunter-gatherers, living in small bands or tribes, and living off of hunted meat or gathered wild fruits and vegetables. They were constantly on the move, and typically occurred in groups no larger than perhaps two dozen. But the discovery of large-scale farming practices changed that, creating the ability for people to live together in villages and towns, and beginning the team effort that it would take to create such elements of modern society as languages, music, artwork, and the like.

But the dietary change involved in this revolution had its own impacts upon us. As we turned away from a meat and plant based diet, our overall height and bone density decreased, and our bodies evolved to cope with the new diet and a more sedentary lifestyle.

Our teeth were not immune to these changes, either. Because we no longer required such strong jaws to mash tough uncooked meat, or fibrous vegetables, our jaws grew smaller, and less muscular. This is one of the main reasons that overcrowding, malocclusions, and wisdom teeth removals are now so common.

The carbohydrate-heavy diet had its own impacts, as well. Starchy foods, such as those grown and consumed after this period, tend to stick to our teeth moreso, and break down in to sugars. By some estimation, they are nearly as destructive to our teeth as candy.

Our human history is rife with changes in our relatively young civilisation, and our teeth and oral care must continue to grow with it. For the services of a fine cosmetic dentist in Castle Hill, Hills Dental Care is ready to help you.

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