The Advantage of Dental Implants for Sydney

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A dental implant is one of our specialties at Hills Dental Care in Sydney. This procedure allows a patient replace a lost, damaged, or infected tooth with a synthetic one. Matched perfectly to the colour and shape of its predecessor, the tooth can then be used normally by the patient. But the advantages don’t stop there.

They Last

This method of replacement and repair has considerably advantages for the patient. Constructed of a hard-wearing material, a dental implant will last well, at least as long as your natural teeth. They are crafted to resemble the shape and the colour of your existing teeth, so your smile continues uninterrupted. And in the absence of a gap in your teeth, you will not struggle to pronounce familiar words.

No Bone Loss

Your jawbone can deteriorate after some time when it has no teeth to support, and can lose its strength and firmness. With a titanium base connecting your jawbone to your new tooth, the bone is stimulated, staying strong and ensuring your jawline stays the same.

Chewing problems

A missing tooth can also encourage the bad habit of chewing solely on one side of the mouth. This ailment can cause undue wear on that sides’ jaw joint, along with the teeth. It can also build up jaw muscles, over time, on one side only – leading to a lopsided face. If you’re noticing that one side is favoured over the other due to a missing tooth, a dental implant can solve the problem.


Dental implants have a noted track record of success for patients. They last better and are more easily inserted than more topical solutions, with fewer complications with neighbouring teeth. At Hills Dental Care, we can assure Sydney of a successful dental implant procedure, and a striking smile.

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