It is one of the most notorious procedures in dentistry. A root canal is performed when it becomes necessary to replace the ‘pulp’ within an infected tooth with a filling, and involves drilling through the centre of the tooth to prevent any further infection from spreading in to the jawline. It is an absolutely vital procedure, in cases of advanced rot or injury, as it can prevent a more serious infection. But it has a reputation as being uncomfortable.

As the top dental clinic in Castle Hill, we have perfected a routine to keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure. Our talented team of professionals knows how to ensure that your root canal is performed quickly, expertly, and pain-free.

Our Castle Hill team has enormous amounts of experience performing this procedure, and they know what you are expecting from us when you walk in the door: a proper procedure, done with precision. We take all the necessary care with our clients, and utilising only state-of-the-art technology, we get the job done.

Contact Hills Dental Care when you’re in need, and we can take care of your root canal in the relaxed and professional confines of our Castle Hill clinic. We’re ready when you are!

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    Why Hills Dental Care?

    • A state-of-the-art facility, incorporating the finest dental equipment. This includes the vaunted OPG x-ray system to take a panoramic picture of your teeth
    • Sedation options, including ‘happy gas’ and twilight sedation, administered by experienced dental sedationists
    • A painless injection system
    • Memory foam dental chairs with overhead television
    • Experienced and resourceful staff, intent on making your procedure an enjoyable one

    If you feel ready for a procedure that will change the way you smile, now is the time!

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