Posterior Implants – John’s story

By Hills Dental Care May 20, 2015


John had lost all his chewing teeth on the lower right side of his jaw and was finding it frustrating to eat only on the left side of his mouth. While overseas he’d asked a clinic about the option of implants, but had been told he had insufficient bone and would need major bone grafting.

Understandably, knowing there would be no back-up if there was a problem and being unsure about the skills of the local surgeons, John did not go ahead with the procedure.


John’s wife suggested he visit Hills Dental Care and was so reassured by our team that he immediately scheduled treatment. He was particularly pleased to learn we’re among the world’s leaders in the use of shorter implants, so he wouldn’t need any the bone grafting procedure.

The treatment was kept as simple as possible, with two implants being placed at one appointment using standard local dental anaesthetics. Because all the surgery was carried out during John’s first appointment, the subsequent stages could be completed without John needing any more injections.

Simple impressions of the implants allowed the laboratory to manufacture two perfect screw retained crowns. When fitted, they were secure and solid with no chance of becoming loose.


John can now eat comfortably on both sides of his mouth. This not only reduces wear and tear on his remaining teeth, but the new implants stop any untoward movement of the other teeth which can occur where gaps are left.

The simplicity and effectiveness of the treatment made John wish he had come into the clinic much earlier. The major benefit has been Johns renewed ability to chew on both sides of his mouth, but he says another benefit is that “I’m no longer last at the dinner table!”