Hills Dental Care operates with state-of-the-art dental equipment that offers patients Pain free dentistry. Our specialists aim to provide you with the best care for your procedure including:

Dental Implants Sydney

A dental implant in Sydney is the permanent solution to any gaps or missing teeth. At Hills Dental Care, our specialists numb the area before the procedure so that the patient has a pain-free procedure. The new implants, either a screw or cylinder are inserted into the patients jaw to hold your new tooth. As the implants are made from surgical grade titanium, the implant will have a strong hold of your new tooth.

Cosmetic dentistry

You don’t need to hide your smile ever again. Hills Dental care offers a range of cosmetic dentistry solutions that will make you smile. Whether it’s teeth whitening, dental crowns or dental bridges, being fitted with anti-snoring devises or a full mouth reconstruction, our specialists provide a range of dental solutions for all your dental needs

Sleep dentistry

The days of being afraid of the dentist are over. As the name suggests, sleep dentistry places the patient into a sleep-like state for a more comfortable, dental procedure. Whether you have a fear of needles, don’t like being awake during procedures or just want to be in a comfortable and relaxed state when having your procedure, Sleep dentistry is performed in our practice under the guidance of our specialist anaesthetist.

If you any dental issues or want to experience pain-free dentistry call us on: 9899 3100