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While we teach our children from a young age all that we can about proper dental health, from brushing to flossing and regular checkups, there is a noted gap in our commitment sports-related safety. Many of our favourite sports pose a considerable risk to our teeth, including some that might not seem so dangerous, such as basketball and volleyball, for instance, and protecting them properly can mean the difference between a visit to your Castle Hill cosmetic dentist, and a harmless knock.

Sharp elbows, knees, and the heads of both opponent and team mate can provide a hard enough surface to break or crack your teeth. The ‘snapping’ action of teeth shutting can also create enough force to damage your teeth. So, as a responsible parent, what are we to do?

Mouth guards were created almost a century ago. They were initially intended to prevent a boxer’s lips from being cut by their teeth, but their ability to absorb punishment and protect one’s teeth from impacts was quickly noted. They soon became standard equipment in boxing and fighting sports, and their usage has only grown since then.

Now, it is rare to see a competitive footballer or rugby player without one, and they are making inroads in many other sports. They are a simple and effective methods of absorbing impacts and spreading out the force of a hit, protecting both teeth and soft tissue in your mouth, including your tongue. There is also some evidence that they are able to help reduce the incidence of concussions in impact sports.

Of course, purchasing and fitting a mouth guard properly is one thing – but ensuring that your children wear it is another. Make sure that they understand the importance of preserving their one and only set of pearly whites, and they will be more likely to keep themselves protected.

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