An Exciting New Hydrafacial Treatment to promote healthy and glowing skin is now in Castle Hill

In the world’s hottest continent, skin care is a vital element of life.

Your facial skin and lips can take a serious beating from the elements here, and up to 75% of all residents here will develop some form of melanoma before the age of 75.

Skin care is serious business for health, and not a mere vanity project.

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Dentists are medical experts, and our training extends well beyond the oral sphere. We possess a skill set that can help in a number of areas of health, and we have the tools to do so. This includes beauty and skin care. Starting this winter, we have begun to offer the vaunted Hydrafacial treatment, a revolutionary method of purifying and enriching your skin, at our clinic in Castle Hill.

This treatment operates like a gentle, enriching microdermabrasion treatment, with a simultaneous application of an enriching serum. Utilising the latest technology, your skin is treated with a gentle vacuum-based skin abrasion tip. It reduces the size of pores, the appearance of wrinkles, and encourages a healthy, natural glow to your skin.

No recovery time

Hydrafacial represents the quickest and most convenient way to achieve a ‘red carpet’ look for your skin! Unlike a chemical peel, Hydrafacial incorporates no recovery time. Afterwards, the benefits of this treatment can be extended with the usage of our skin care products.

Top of the line equipment

We come well-equipped for this procedure. Our skin treatment facility in Castle Hill is sterile and clean, yet relaxing, perfectly suited towards making skin care and facials a key aspect of our Hills Dental Care offerings here in Castle Hill. We want a visit to our clinic to focus on cranial health in its entirety.

Scientific methods

We take our work extremely seriously, providing a stable and clean environment in our clinic, and working with the same degree of attention to detail that we provide as dental professionals. We do not work with snake oil cures: we provide treatments that have been scientifically documented, and proven to work for you.

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