Cosmetic Dentistry solutions for Sydney

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Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions for Sydney
The Flying Doctors are among the most recognisable symbols of Australia’s devotion to good health. The colossal spread of this country, including the communities in the furthest outback and isolated islands of Bass Strait, require a different form of medical care, and the airborne medical service of the Flying Doctors has endeavoured to provide it for much of the past century.

While the trauma ward might draw the most press, one of the most common issues affecting the health of Australians is tooth decay. This ailment is among the most ubiquitous health problems throughout the country, and remains a key focus of cosmetic dentistry in Sydney and throughout the country.

Luckily for many Australians, the Flying Doctors have identified this issue, and in June, rare bipartisan support emerged from Canberra for the expansion of dental care throughout the range of the Flying Doctors. This has included an expansion in to rural Tasmania, where previously the RFDS lacked the funds to operate.

This move intends to address the pressing concern surrounding available services in the rural areas of Australia. It is estimated that there are roughly 3.5 times fewer dentists in rural regions of Australia compared to the country. This means that the quality cosmetic dentistry in Sydney is simply unavailable elsewhere.

However, with the help of the storied services of the RFDS, there is the chance to close that gap, and improve the overall health of Australians regardless of their locale.

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