Hill’s Dental Care in Castle Hill brings the vaunted Visia Technology to the world of skin care. Contact us to book your appointment or find out more!

In skin care, the number of potential problems that can impact upon your skin’s health are almost as numerous as the potential cures on offer from the market. They can run the gamut from wrinkles, sun spots, abrasions, and acne scarring, and the similarities in their presentation can mean that they are often misdiagnosed, even by experienced dermatologists.

However, a technological breakthrough has aided us in our search for the correct treatment to produce clear, smooth skin for our clients here in Castle Hill. The new VISIA Complexion Analysis System allows us to take a closer, more accurate look at our subjects’ skin conditions. The seventh generation of this technology takes high-definition images, rotating smoothly around the faces of our clients, and takes a close, well-defined look to determine the issues at hand.

The device utilises Intelliflash photography, cross-polarised, and UV lighting to create its image. Meanwhile, Canfield’s RBX Technology seperates red and brown skin components, to create a unique visualisation of conditions such as spider veins, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and acne. We can then more accurately recommend methods of treatment.

This innovation allows for diagnoses that allow you to learn more quickly about the state of your skin tone and any potential issues you could be facing.

It uses the power of technology and data collection, helping our professionals here at Hills Dental Care in Castle Hill to aid in your skin care plan.

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