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Over the course of our lives, we will notice that a number of changes to our bodies and faces will begin to take place. Our skin begins to grow looser, as the processes of chewing and expressing ourselves take their toll on our skin. The amount of collagen in our skin, which aids in its elasticity, decreases over time. We grow old – it is the same process that we have ‘faced’ since humanity began.

But that doesn’t mean that we must go quietly into the night. There are numerous methods that we have developed to encourage your skin to retain its youthful tautness and gloss. Numerous treatments, with a huge variety of different moisturisers, can slow the impact of aging. Good stewardship of your skin with sunscreen makes a big difference. And there are also surgical facelifts.

Facelifts can be applied to a number of areas on your face. They are typically geared to areas that have a given amount of excess skin, in need of removal, to encourage a return to a tighter skin tone, with fewer wrinkles and crows feet.

These procedures, given that they are operating on the most public area of your entire body, require a gentle and professional team for it to come together properly.

At Hills Dental Care in Castle Hill , we have put together a team that combines the finest in experienced, skilled staff with a practice equipped with the finest and latest gear on the market. At our advanced practice, we provide non-surgical facelifts that can retain, and regain your youthful visage.

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