At Hills Dental Care in Castle Hill, we provide Dermastamp Facial Treatments at our advanced practice. Contact us to find out more!

The Dermastamp skin treatment system is among the most modernised methods of the tried-and-tested micropuncture treatments. This technique uses extremely fine needles to create vertical incisions in your skin, at the microscopic level. While it results in some light inflammation at the outset, the results are notable, and continue over the course of the next year.

The incisions made by the vibrating action of the Dermastamp skin treatment roller are able to encourage the production of collagen.

This natural substance increases the flex and stretching capability of your skin and reduces the odds of developing wrinkles.

Skin that has been treated with Dermastamp is more receptive and treatable with a variety of skin conditioners and creams. They are able to penetrate more deeply into the epidermal layer, following the incisions made by the treatment. This allows them to be better irrigated by skin care products.

This technique has been repeatedly proven to be clinically effective against these ailments, and it can bring this same proven track record to your skin. Contact Hills Dental Care for more information, and book your visit today!