An Introduction to Dental Implants

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dental-implantThis specialised field of dentistry deals with the difficulties presented by missing teeth. An absent tooth can be the result of an accident, or after an extraction due to decay or an infection, but regardless of the origin an empty socket in the wrong place can be a nuisance. Key molars in our mouths do the lion’s share of the work while chewing, lacking them can pose a difficulty to the patient. By virtue of this, dental implants in Sydney have taken flight as a key element of dental surgery.

Plainly, this procedure involves the act of installing a new tooth in to the jawline. However, instead of a tooth ‘root’ acting to hold the tooth in place, that role is filled by a biologically benign titanium screw, which is inserted in to your jawline through a small incision in the gums. After evaluating the forces acting upon this particular tooth, and accounting for lifetime of directional wear it will receive, it is time to insert the screw.

After insertion, the screw is allowed to settle in to your jaw line for some time, usually three to six months, to allow the bone to properly secure it in to place. Titanium screws actually grow in to the jawbone, as they possess the unique quality of being ‘adopted’ by the surrounding bone. This ensures that they will not move once the new tooth is attached.

After it is properly settled, a new dental prosthetic tooth is installed in the place of the old tooth, mounted on the screw. Colours are matched to that of your existing teeth, and the resulting prosthetic becomes indistinguishable. Your new smile is now gap free, chewing is more comfortable, and at Hills Dental Care, the entire procedure was done efficiently and in comfort. If you are in Sydney and you are in need of a dental implant, we are your one-stop experts.

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