5 Reasons Why A Dental Implant Can Save Your Teeth

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Hills Dental Care - Infographic - 5 Reasons Why a Dental Implant Can Save Your Teeth

There is a very good reason why dental implants are considered to be the golden standard for teeth replacement. They not only help fill the empty space left by missing teeth, they also help your overall dental health. Here’s presenting five ways in which dental implants can save your teeth.

#1. They preserve bone structure
Loss of teeth usually results in bone deterioration. As implants fuse with the jawbone to act like teeth roots to provide firm support for the artificial crown, they end up preventing bone resorption.

#2. They prevent shifting of neighboring teeth
Empty space left by a missing teeth eventually causes neighboring teeth to recline, as they no longer have the support that keeps them in place. This abnormal positioning can easily cause damage to the teeth.

#3. The health of other natural teeth is not affected
Unlike dentures and bridges, there is no grinding and filing of neighboring teeth while getting dental implants. Hence, there is no compromising on the health of surrounding natural teeth.

#4. Chances of developing cavities or periodontal diseases is nil
Since dental implants are artificial teeth, they are not affected by bacteria the way your natural teeth are. Also, other alternatives like bridges and dentures are known to increase chances of periodontal diseases by around 50%.

#5. They allow you to continue with your regular eating habits
As dental implants feel and function just like natural teeth, people can maintain their usual eating habits, no just in terms of the food that they eat but also the way they balance their chewing on both sides.

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